Tuesday, January 28, 2020

√Čtienne Eto'o offers himself 'the good life' with his new conquest

Born of a famous father, Etienne Eto'o also became a celebrity long before he even started a professional career.

A football career like his father Samuel Eto'o who left his mark on both African and world football. 

Failed last year for the U17 World Cup with Cameroon, the son of the legend calmly pursues his young career. Even if it still has to prove itself before exploding, it is already in the sights of several big clubs. 

It is therefore as a full-fledged star that Etienne Eto'o makes the law on social networks. His official accounts, which are widely followed on social networks, do not always share his daily life as a footballer. His private life is also often exposed and commented on. One of his last photos posted on Snapchat is worth the curiosity of his subscribers and even of our editorial staff.

We can see on the picture the young player with a beautiful creature. Both of them in pajamas and brimming with joy we can immediately imagine that they have just had an intimate moment. 

When you know the crazy demands of the life of a professional footballer on the hygiene of life, one can only worry about these beginnings of romance for Etienne. Apart from all these aspects, we can recognize that the two lovebirds are beautiful together. 

Source: doingbuzz.com