Saturday, January 25, 2020

Embassy': 'Paul Biya' dismisses Russian Consul

The government of the Central African country, Cameroon, followed an indication by the National Telegraph, exactly one month after an investigation report to dismiss and recall one of his consuls from his embassy in Moscow, capital of Russia.

On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, the founding editor of the National Telegraph, Eric Tataw, published a first-hand investigative article with specific information that would later lead to the dismissal of Samba Samba Simon. Samba was recalled in Cameroon on Friday January 17, 2020, confirmed the National Telegraph from a very authoritative source. 

Here is the article published by the National Telegraph 

Embassy of Cameroon in Russia dishonored for the “organized” passport mafia, the police arrest the consul for DUI. 

The third commander of the Cameroonian embassy in Russia was arrested last week by police for driving under the influence of alcohol, a source at the Moscow embassy said. 

Our whistleblower at the embassy said that Samba Samba Simon was driving aggressively, tailgating and endangering other road users on the Volokolamsk road.

Panicked auto operators alerted police, reports said. Traffic police arrived at the scene and identified the aggressive driver as Samba Samba Simon, consul at the Cameroonian embassy in Moscow. 

Reports indicate that since he enjoyed immunity, he has been documented to be driving under the influence of alcohol and a Chrysler 300 he was driving has been taken. 

Although Simon presented his diplomatic card and refused a medical examination at the time of the incident, the traffic police said that they did not need a breathalyzer because it was clear that he was under the influence of alcohol while driving, said a source. 

According to one informant, Simon is a well-known drunk and driven with cans of Baltika 7 beer in his Chrysler 300. He has also been charged by Cameroonians in Russia for fraudulent passport transactions. 

Many say that a passport that will normally cost ten thousand rubles (about 145 euros) ends up costing eighteen thousand rubles (about 260 euros) because Simon asks for an additional eight thousand rubles (115 euros), claiming that it is for the transport from Cameroon to Russia.

But many Cameroonians who lost their immigration case because of this act and some who ended up being deported say that the embassy is responsible for transporting passports after renewals without requiring additional fees. 

Many say that the passport is an organized crime and started immediately after the death of then Ambassador, André Ngongang Ouandji, who died on June 27, 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. 

The new ambassador, Mahamat Paba Sale, who succeeded Churchill Monono, acting after the disappearance of André Ngongang Ouandji, has since remained silent in the face of this organized mafia which has endangered thousands of Cameroonians. 

There are also accusations that those who came from Cameroon to Moscow for an audit generally cover the "gang" because they receive large envelopes or a bribe. 

Most embassy staff said they could not teach students at the Institute for International Relations of Cameroon - IRIC, and were then sent to audit them, indicating that most, if not all auditor reports were still influenced.

But, Samba Samba Simon, speaking of Mosco, told the National Telegraph that the charges were false. On the appearance of the passport, he provided an official document showing 11,800 rubles for stamps and transport to Cameroon. 

Simon added that there was an additional official amount of 8500 rubles for the sending of the final copy of the passport from the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé via DHL to Moscow. 

"When you see the amounts, everything is official. If someone told you that I took more, that's not true. Said Simon. On the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) issue, Simon said he had no comments.