Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Eletions: campaign at high risk in Anglophone regions

Since the opening of the campaign on behalf of the legislative and municipal authorities on January 25, images have been rather rare in the North-West and South-West regions. The specter of insecurity looms in these regions beset by secessionist tendencies.

Four days later, it's the desert. And bearing, during his speech to the Nation on December 31, 2019, Paul Biya, President of the Republic had reassured "Security measures have been taken so that, throughout the territory, all our citizens can exercise their right to vote. If necessary, they will be further strengthened. "Much more, he had launched an appeal" I therefore urge all Cameroonians registered on the electoral lists to go to vote, realizing that they will elect women and men who will translate into reality the reforms desired by the Cameroonian people, in particular the acceleration of the implementation of decentralization ” 

Just a few weeks after this call, Joshua Osih, first vice president of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), an opposition political party engaged in the electoral battle and whose electoral stronghold is the English-speaking area, displayed its pessimism "the party does not is not ready to engage its activists in an electoral campaign or it risks being the cannon fodder of the secessionists who have already terrorized them enough ”Despite the deployment of the defense and security forces, the campaign remains dead in the NOSO. For the daily newspaper La Nouvelle Expression "The defense and security forces may be proactive and determined to secure the region for a peaceful electoral campaign, they are well on their way to campaigning alone with the administrative authorities"

The localities are emptied of their inhabitants terrorized by the armed gangs. All things that made the daily Le Jour say that it is a "campaign without candidates" and for good reason, the clashes between the secessionist militiamen and the defense forces continue. And, in the field of action, the news is getting more and more alarming. For proof, continues the newspaper, in the day of Monday from Monday January 27, violent altercations took place between separatist militiamen and defense force which left 13 dead among the attackers. Consequence, potential candidates forced to resign "We members of the electoral district of Ndu, declare our non-participation in any electoral process whatsoever,