Monday, January 20, 2020

Elections: a demonstration by the opponent Cabral Libii forbidden

This Saturday, January 18, 2020, supporters of President Paul Biya demonstrated in Douala and Ngaoundéré to support the organization of legislative and municipal elections on February 09, while Cabral Libii, leader of the Cameroonian party for national reconciliation (PCRN) and his supporters were forbidden to organize a ceremony to set up four new party subcommittees in Yebekolo, a township in the Akonolinga district.

While the party of the opponent Maurice Kamto, the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) and his supporters advocate the boycott of the legislative and municipal elections of February 09, 2020, the supporters of the Head of State, Paul Biya, president national of the CPDM, organize demonstrations to call the Cameroonians to go massively to the polls during the next double ballot. 

In Douala, in the Littoral Region, the young pro-Biya first walked in the arteries of the district of Douala 2e before going to deliver to the Sous-Prefect of this arrondissement, a support motion to be transmitted to the president of the Republic. “We have a lot of concerns with the youth of Douala 2e. And when we receive those who want to show that Cameroon must remain standing, we can only be satisfied, ”reacted the head of the land, Didier Bidja. 

In Ngaoundéré, they are the members of an association bringing together listeners, viewers and staff of CRTV, regional station of Adamawa, who walked for several kilometers "for peace in view of the double ballot of February 09, 2020". Leading the way, Lazard Doulou, regional station manager of CRTV, radio and television controlled by the government.

This same Saturday, the public authorities prohibited a demonstration of the PCRN of the opponent Cabral Libii in a village of Akonolinga, Center Region. "INCIDENT IN MENGUEME-SI! It is in the canton Yebekolo (from which Mindef hails), in the Arrondissement of Akonolinga. When we have the declaration receipt, a squad of Gendarmes suddenly blocked our path. We were going there to set up 4 Borough sub-committees whose Presidents recently resigned from "another political party". A political precedent in this locality. 

How can we install sub-committees in the base if we don't go? After hard negotiations on the phone with the Company Commander, the Sub-prefect, however signatory of the declaration of which the investigation would be informally part, having remained unreachable, we were just "authorized", with the head of list PCRN in Akonolinga Mr. Magloire AKONO, to go for a few minutes, tell the people that the installation was postponed ... manu militari. Incredible Cameroon ”, denounced Cabral Libii, himself a candidate for the deputation for the elections of next February 09.