Sunday, January 26, 2020

Elections 2020: the words of Achu Julius Ngu Tabe that might displease the separatists

Me Achu Julius Ngu Tabe is for the holding of legislative and municipal elections. According to him, even if the situation in the English-speaking regions is unstable, the elections must be held.

The CPDM communicator thinks that not holding the elections would lead directly to anarchy. Using a metaphor from the human body, he argues that we are not going to suffocate an entire body because only one finger hurts.

"Even if the situation is unstable or not stable, there will be an election. Because we are in a democracy. If we cannot set up institutions, it is anarchy. In the human body, if your little finger hurts, are you going to asphyxiate the whole body for this ailment, ”questions Achu Julius Ngu Tabe before continuing with a very equivocal answer. "You are going to maintain this evil so that the body continues to live". Achu Julius Ngu Tabe was the guest of ABK Radio, on Monday. Denouncing the behavior of the secessionists, he indicates that they prefer to subdue the populations than to confront the military.