Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Elections 2020: Me Alice Nkom torments Atanga Nji

The celebrated Cameroonian attorney, Alice Nkom, does not expected to comply with the orders of Minister Paul Atanga Nji.

The super arrive chief held a discourse recently in Yaoundé, nearly in a harsh tone, it was on the event of the primary semi-annual conference of territorial governors in Yaoundé. In the foundation, the twofold legislative and municipal election coming up on February 9 and the call for boycott launched by certain actors on the political scene. 

Paul Atanga Nji to begin with consoled national and worldwide open conclusion on the adequacy of authoritative and metropolitan decisions all through the national territory. 

To those who are calling for a boycott, the part of the government has been clear: To deny to go to an decision is to show anti-constitutional and anti-republican behavior. “They are free to take part or not to take part in an election. On the other hand, what is unsatisfactory and terrible is to say, for illustration, that "I will not go to the races and I will do everything to anticipate other Cameroonians from working out their right to vote on race day", underlined the one who orders the Cameroonian Regional Organization since Walk 2, 2018. 

Faced with such retrograde and obscurantist behavior, cautioned the government part, "The muscles of the state will be set in movement and any imply of clutter from anybody, notwithstanding of social status, will be treated solidly and in agreement with the laws of the of the Republic". 

A articulation that does not appear to twist Me Alice Nkom, supporter of the boycott. On radio Balafon this morning, the primary French-speaking female attorney at the Cameroon bar to nearly insult the Minister "I will not go to vote and I will advocate the boycott, Atanga Nji just has to stop me ", She launched.