Thursday, January 9, 2020

Elections 2020: desperate, the RDPC wants to disrupt Elecam in Galim

The communal antenna of Elecam (Cameroon elections) of Galim in the Bamboutos is the subject of a virulent cabal orchestrated by certain local officials of the Rdpc in Galim.

According to local sources, the party close to the government accuses the local representation of Cameroon elections of "playing" in favor of the opposition political parties vying for electoral consultations in this locality of the country. Within the Rdpc it seems to be deliberately discrediting the titanic work carried out by Elecam so far. 

However, it is known to all that Elecam has all the means, including the capacities necessary to properly organize the elections in Galim. And yet the Elecam municipal branch is full of qualified staff. This is not the first time that Elecam has managed electoral operations of this scale. The last dated more than a year ago, during the presidential election. 

Some reliable sources specify that this relentlessness against the arbiter of the electoral game would be the result of the fact that the communal antenna of Galim is not ready to support any electoral fraud which would be in preparation and carried out by the supporters - conservatives of the tampering and electoral fraud.


We also learn that a meeting of the Rdpc was held last weekend at the departmental level, in order to better accentuate this pressure on Elecam. Because this body in charge of organizing the elections in Galim would be out of phase with the idea of ​​any electoral fraud as advocated by certain officials of the Rdpc in Galim who want at all costs to win these local elections with an exceptional score. This heavy snub that has just suffered the Rdpc would push the party of Paul Biya to demand the departure of certain agents of elecam who would also be real fervent defenders and craftsmen of electoral transparency in Galim. 

Has fear changed sides? This is the question that many observers and political analysts seem to be asking. The Pcrn and the other political parties in the race for these municipal and legislative elections in Galim, present themselves as major players who will be able to rout the Rdpc which has long reigned supreme in this electoral district. On the eve of these electoral consultations, Elecam is called to play fairly so as not to be influenced by the political leaders of this locality.