Thursday, January 9, 2020

Elections 2020: a confederation between the CPDM and the secessionists revealed

This is a revelation from Denis Nkemlemo, the national secretary for communication of the SDF party.

When he appeared on Canal 2 English TV on January 7, 2020, he said: “In the northwest region in particular, we are victims of dark forces who do not want the true voice of English speakers to be heard. The Hon. Mbah Ndam, Mayor of Bafut Tubah, Mayor Njong Donatus, candidate in the legislative elections for Kumbo, the Hon. Fusi Ndamunkong was burned while the mayor of Bamenda 2 Awah Fidelis was kidnapped and many other evils against the SDF ”. 

In addition to the destruction and kidnapping, the SDF scribe says that many of their activists have been threatened and forced to give up the race. Denise Nkemlemo recognizes that this situation has seriously weakened John Fru Ndi's party in the North West, the South West and politics in Cameroon in general. He insists that their political party will be present in the elections of February 9, next.

The SDF, through the voice of its national secretary of communication, accuses the regime of Paul Biya of being behind the atrocities committed against the SDF party “… the barons of this regime in the North West region are accomplices of militants d 'Ambazonia. They entered into an unholy alliance to damage the SDF and allow the CPDM party to easily move around the region next month. The intention is to discourage the SDF and allow the parties created by the regime to survive ”. 

The political party led by President Ni John Fru Ndi wonders why the government did not provide the security it promised to Cameroonians and SDF activists during this electoral period.

Source: Méfo