Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Election boycott: opposition prepares surprise for Atanga Nji

In a recent outing, the minister of territorial administration, Paul Atanga Nji, warned the "troublemakers".

However, it is clear that the Cameroonian opposition engaged in the boycott of the upcoming legislative and municipal elections has nothing to do with threats from the Minister. Indeed, the latter intend to remain on their positions despite the accusations of against republicans and unconstitutional and they believe that the hour is serious in Cameroon and that national opinion must first decide on the socio-political situation of the country. 

Responding to the words of the Minister of Territorial Administration who had announced repressive measures against "troublemakers" during the poll on February 9. The movement for the renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) declares that it will continue to play its role which is to awaken the populations of Cameroon in particular with regard to the electoral code and the security situation in regions in crisis. 

That is why they say that, people should not go to vote on election day given the chaotic situation in the country. "We are in the right to campaign for the boycott because it is part of the political activity of a party" affirms Me Fidèle DJOUMBISSIE. 

According to him, the mission of a political party is to form opinion on the way in which the country is managed, in this case on the way democracy is managed. Thus for Me Fidèle DJOUMBISSIE, an abstention from Cameroonians will give a signal to the regime in place, that the electoral system is in deficit that it does not function normally and that we should review it to allow Cameroonians to participate in the activity political of the country. "Let me be clear, we will not prevent anyone from going to vote today. Cameroonians will be free to follow us or to follow the government and go to vote, ”he said.

On the other hand, some members of the CPDM think that it is the duty of all Cameroonians to avoid carrying out acts that may provoke revolt, to undermine the credibility of the country. “Prevent or intoxicate fellow citizens from going to vote. It is like preventing a citizen from going to work to look for his daily Paint ”estimates César Honoré NGOMO, member of the CPDM. 

He also goes on to say that "anyone concerned about the future of Cameroon, who loves Cameroon must by the evening of February 9 have completed this act". 

For the time being, the two camps are maintaining their positions and everyone believes in the success of their plan. Appointment is given on the evening of February 9, 2020.