Saturday, January 11, 2020

'ELECAM will make these elections a model of transparency, credibility and inclusion'

The boss of the body in charge of the elections reassures about the state of preparations within a month of the double ballot.

The president of the Electoral Council of ELECAM, Enow Abrams Egbe, the director general of the Elections, Erik Essoussè and their collaborators carried out on Friday January 10, 2019 in Yaoundé, a visit of the main logistics bases selected within the framework of the elections of the deputies and the municipal councilors of February 9. 

They went in particular to the national printing office which must produce some 9 million ballot papers in the different colors of the parties involved in these elections. They also visited air base 101, the point from which electoral materials will be distributed in the 10 regions. 

Less than a month before the event, the boss of the body in charge of the elections wanted to be reassuring about the state of preparations. 

“The elections will indeed take place without difficulty. We have less than 28 days, but we are ahead of time. All the material will be routed to the communal antennas and to the polling stations on D-Day without any problem, ”declared Mr. Abrams Egbe.

The former regional governor also knows that this will be a new credibility test for Elections Cameroon, an organ that part of the opposition considers to be pro-government. 

"It has been established that if we want to strengthen citizens' confidence in the electoral process, the most important investment remains that of continuing to communicate, promote and further consolidate the integrity of elections in our country," he said. -he indicates. 

"I remain convinced," he added, "that ELECAM can win the bet by making these elections a model of transparency, credibility and inclusion". 

The departure of the president of the Electoral Council from the electoral body comes 24 hours after the wish expressed by the diplomatic corps, through its dean, the Gabonese Paul Patrick Biffot, to see elections which “take place in optimal conditions of serenity and transparency ”.