Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Dual nationality: Journalist addresses Paul Biya

In the columns of Jeunes Afrique, Georges Dougueli speaks to the Head of State, on the subject of dual nationality. He believes, "that it is not possible to demand the love of the fatherland of people whose national laws have planned exclusion".

The journalist Georges Douguela bases his thought on an extract from the speech of the President of the Republic, of December 31, on the subject of Cameroonians of origin living abroad and who have acquired another nationality. "I think they should out of patriotism, refrain from negative comments about their country of origin. We must always respect our homeland, its institutions and those who embody them, "said the Head of State in his address to the Nation. 

After recalling that Cameroon, unlike almost all African countries, still refuses to grant dual nationality to its nationals who have acquired another nationality, the journalist poses wondered: "How can we demand the love of the homeland of people whose national laws have planned exclusion? Men and women are both ineligible and not allowed to vote, but also subject to the obligation to obtain a visa to go on vacation or to visit their family in their country of origin? " 

In the opinion by Georges Dougueli, the latter have no rights, but duties. However, the importance of the Cameroonian diapora is no longer to be demonstrated. According to the World Bank, the Cameroonian diaspora transferred to the country, the sum of 201 billion FCFA in 2018.

Proposals by Georges Dougueli 

“Cameroon has a choice. It can establish dual nationality as did the majority of the countries of the continent which has a more respectful and more rewarding approach to the diaspora. This measure would have the advantage of removing barriers to mobility and would reap the economic and emotional benefits of openness. It can also maintain this retrograde and counterproductive device, which is concerned with excluding and not bringing together. But he will then have to resolve to live with this enemy from the inside, ”concludes Georges Dougueli.