Monday, January 20, 2020

Cameroon: Violent fight between a soldier and an alleged robber

According to information given by adjutant Tsague, on duty at the 2nd BCS in Douala, he is one of the bandits who tried to target users who came to get their supplies from an UBA counter in the center of Akwa - more precisely at Central Voyages
In a video, we notice a warm grip, between a soldier in uniform and a civilian. The two hold firmly by the collar and no one seems to want to let go. Watch video below;

However, the soldier, despite the blows given to him by his adversary, remains calm and is content to give a few injunctions, which are moreover taken with disdain and contempt by his vis-à-vis. On the contrary, he is more aggressive. An attitude that does not seem to move the soldier in any way and, he explains his posture: "After discovering their ride, I wanted to know more and went to him. He reacted badly, and this clash started inside the bank. With one hand, I was able to control it while waiting for the comrades to arrive with the pick up so that we could take it to the Semil. In our grip, I understood that he could not have the upper hand over myself if his accomplices managed to flee. If he had been more threatening, I would have reacted accordingly… ”. 
The crowd meanwhile, stands very far, especially since the weapon in the hands of Warrant Officer Tsague is very dissuasive. In another image, we see the alleged robber in his underwear, sitting on a bare floor, crying and asking for forgiveness. 
Profession: Robber 
A choice conscientiously made by some and who think they will always succeed in falling between the cracks. A few years ago, the individuals who chose to relieve the noble citizens of their assets, acquired after enormous sacrifices, depriving themselves on a daily basis, in order to achieve the objectives or at least, to prepare and secure the future of their children acted in the middle of the night.
During the reconstruction of the facts, it was rare to speak of an assault or a robbery organized in broad daylight. Unfortunately, things seem to have changed in recent years. A week does not go by any longer, without anyone hearing that they arrived either at a service station, a private home, a financial institution to relieve their victims. They do not hesitate for a moment, to use weapons to induce their targets to comply without emitting the slightest sound. 
The robbers, highwaymen or any other designation they have unfortunately live among the population. It is not easy for a lamda citizen to spot them until the moment of the attack, the aggression. 
Fortunately, law enforcement and security forces are on top of things, and in each of these services arrangements have been made through the provision of alert numbers, which anyone who feels threatened can call, day or night.