Friday, January 24, 2020

Douala 5: Carlos Ngoualem anoints with tree of peace and symbol of trust

The residents of this arrondissement have just handed over the peace tree, a symbol of trust, to the top of the SDF list at the municipal elections on February 9, 2020.

The campaign itself is in less than 6 days for the 2020 locals. The time now is for what is called here "the pre-campaign". In Douala 5, the Social democratic front (Sdf) is already on the ground. It is for the party of the balance, to raise awareness, touch, but above all listen to the population. Thus, for a week Carlos Ngoualem, the head of the list of the SDF for the municipal furrows the nooks and crannies to understand the needs. 

In this awareness movement, priority is given to associations. Carlos Ngoualem explained to 30 associations why he is the choice to break up. Like a prodigal child who returns from a long journey, we note an effervescence in almost the whole panoply of associations he visits. 

To mark their adhesions to the message of the visitor of the day, the members of the association give the candidate the tree of peace.

The chiefdoms and organized groups of the district are not to be outdone. In this other path, the chefs promise total mobilization on February 9. The main part of this trip is in the English-speaking community of Douala 5. The welcome is very special here. Carlos Ngoualem is indeed the only political leader to come to the aid of this community. 

Already in September 2019, the elected municipal official was at the bedside of the displaced people of the English-speaking crisis in this district. He offered them scholarships, clothes, school bags, notebooks ..., but especially food. "He is a father to the English-speaking community," says a resident of Douala 5. Another appreciates his simplicity, his authenticity and as a bonus his proximity to the needy. In the coming days, the man must make the same journey for this time to explain his project of municipal governance. For Douala 5, Carlos Ngoualem, promotes and works for significant change in urban and communal areas. Above all, it relies on the synergy of all the players to transform this great commune.