Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Distinction: Paul Biya named man of the year 2019

The Cameroon Tribune newspaper of January 21, 2020 gave half a page to the information that crossed the front page of the Hot News newspaper of January 20. Hot News has named Paul Biya "the man of the year 2019".

Qualified as the great sage of Africa, the man of the year 2019, Paul Biya was declined in 13 points by Hot News. He is "the inspirer of major projects for the modernization of the country, the protector of public fortune, the one who remains a source of inspiration for young compatriots, a statesman showing speed in the processing of files, he who, through the expected organization of CAN 2021, offers a precious gift to the youth of his country, the champion of national unity… ”, can we read in the columns of Cameroon Tribune. 

“The newspaper also reviews the confirmation of the organization of the 2021 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon by the recent mission of the African Football Confederation led in our country by its president, Ahmad… The President's diplomatic action of the Republic is also reviewed under the title "Paul Biya, the great diplomat". We find his participation in major international meetings such as the Paris Peace Forum which took place in the French capital in November 2019, the 6th conference to replenish the resources of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria that the city of Lyon in France sheltered last October… The extraordinary summit of the Heads of State and Government of CEMAC… ”, we can read.

"The newspaper also makes a foray into the Grand National Dialogue organized from September 30 to October 4, 2019 ... Whose recommendations are now implemented with in particular the promulgation of the law on the General Code of Decentralized Local Authorities, one of which specificity is the special status granted to the North West and South West regions ”, note