Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Diaspora: here is Maurice Kamto's program in Europe and North America

From February 1 to 11, 2020, Cameroonian political news will be marked by the deployment to its compatriots in the diaspora of Maurice Kamto. In Paris in France on February 1, in Montreal in Canada from February 5 to 7, and the next day February 8 in Toronto, still in Canada, and finally in Washington from February 9 to 11. Meanwhile, at home, the regime will try to convince Cameroonians, if necessary by force, to participate in legislative and municipal elections, many of which agree here that they are if not inappropriate, at least ... inappropriate. Regard.

As the diplomatic component of the Cameroonian politician draws to a close at the end of the first half of January 2020, the self-proclaimed winner of the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon is announced in several Western countries. 

If it is not excluded that Maurice Kamto pursues in the countries cited the quest for international support for the “national resistance against the electoral holdup” which is worth to many Cameroonians - including himself the wrath of the regime of President Biya ( arrest, torture, imprisonment, sentencing to heavy prison terms), the communication from the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) indicates that its leader will devote the days of the first decade of February to his compatriots in the West, whom we know the high level of participation in the resistance against the dictatorship in place since its launch in October 2018 in Cameroon. 

A participation which was declined in gigantic demonstrations of denunciation of the “illegitimate regime” of President Biya through the streets of European and North American capitals. Demonstrations like that of Paris in France, January 26, 2019 which was marked by the rampage of the Cameroonian diplomatic mission in France, which served the rest as an “excuse” after the fact for the embellishment of Kamto and his allies on January 28, and their detention in Cameroonian prisons for almost nine months. 

We can therefore perceive under a three-dimensional prism, the meeting between Cameroonians from outside which begins on February 1 (see even poster) with their "elected president". 

First of all, the expression of gratitude to his compatriots in the diaspora, of Maurice Kamto who knows that the voice of Cameroonians in struggle carried for some time by him could not have been more audible outside Cameroon and what influences the repressive option of the regime, unaware of the opinion of Cameroonians whom it keeps on a leash by means of an army and a police force always ready to accomplish the repressive missions entrusted to them in the name of honor and loyalty, only thanks to the constant pressure of Cameroonians abroad;

The diaspora storms and launches the blockade of the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris until the release of Kamto & others (Videos) 

Raise awareness of the Cameroonian diaspora on the need to continue the fight until the final victory because as well as Maurice Kamto had announced the color of it the very day of his release, the struggle continues… 

Explain to the diaspora, probably during the meetings that will be organized for this purpose, the decision of his party to boycott the legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020, and above all, in a semblance of show of force, prove to the Biya regime that prevents him from having any meeting in Cameroon since his release from prison three months ago, that his ability to mobilize his compatriots remains intact, especially outside Cameroon, neither the participants in a meeting, nor the author, running here the risk of being sent the police and the soldiery above.A feat almost impossible for the official president of Cameroon whose sole idea of ​​a discreet stay in the West gives hives to the majority of his diaspora or stirs up pitched battles between his supporters - very few of them assume themselves outside of Cameroon-, and its opponents, for whom the outside is the platform par excellence of expression of their freedom.