Friday, January 17, 2020

Decentralization: here we go, empty pockets

Thanks to a joint press conference by Mincom and Minddevel, the journalists were educated on the specifics of the law establishing the general code of decentralized local authorities.

"We cannot imagine that the general allocation of 15% will apply to the 2020 budget". This statement was made on January 14 by Georges Elanga Obam, Minister of Decentralization and Local Development at the occasion of a press conference co-chaired with his communication colleague René Emmanuel Sadi. Regrettable or realistic, the fact remains that Minddevel justifies its point by the fact that "the finance law was passed long before" the general code of decentralized communities. However, "it goes without saying that arrangements will be made by the state". 

He takes as an example his ministry created at the beginning of March 2018 when the state budget had already been voted and that there was not a chapter devoted to that ". And the Minddel, that year , "worked with a budget of 44 billion CFA francs" he gargled. Besides, "in public finances, he continues, there are a certain number of techniques which one uses to settle this type of question. If the President of the Republic at leisure decides, a budgetary correction will be taken which will make available the resources (...) so that the powers devolved to the municipalities can be exercised and possibly for the establishment of the regions ". 

1st level operator of the decentralization process in Cameroon, Georges Elanga Obam is the personality indicated to explain the workings of this law. It was in this capacity that he responded to the concerns of journalists. When asked how this text resolves the so-called Anglophone crisis in the North West and the South West (Noso). It welcomes the acquisition of special status for these two regions. Especially that they will be administered by a deliberative body (the regional assembly note) made up of two rooms namely the House of divisional representatives and the House of Chiefs. In addition to this body, the law establishes a regional executive council. On the "indigenous / non-indigenous" debate aroused by article 246 of the said law, Mr. Elanga Obam explains that this text "


From its posture of government spokesperson, the Mincom is the first to open its microphone to make the reading note of the legislative text cited above. First in English, then in French. René Emmanuel Sadi has reviewed the six books which define the general legal framework for territorial decentralization, the status of local elected representatives, the rules of organization and operation of local authorities, the specific regime applicable to certain communities. During his speech, René Sadi considered that this new general code of CDTs is a velvet revolution initiated by the Head of State. "An exhaustive reading" which gave satisfaction to his colleague in decentralization and local development.

Source: Le Jour N ° 3093