Friday, January 24, 2020

Death of Me Souop: this evidence that confirms the 'assassination' coupsfrancs reports

A Cameroonian following a traffic accident, has suffered a broken arm in Bafoussam, a town located 300 km away and 4,770 holes or potholes in Yaoundé.

In this Cameroonian accident victim, more than fifteen cities were crossed between the West and the Center just for a broken arm, which would mean that there is no hospital in Bafoussam or any other surrounding city capable of treating a fracture. 

Despite everything, and after several hours on the road, an Emergency Center (known as the Reference Center) in the capital finds it necessary to operate on the patient. 

We therefore assume an anesthesia which is either local or general. 

If it is local, how could it cause death, even if it is complicated?

If it is general, two questions arise, the first is why should we use it when the disease is located at the level of the arm? The second question is why the surgeon did not carry out a pre-medication (homeopathic dose) to test the patient's reaction to the product as do all surgeons in the world? 

It follows therefore a clear desire to do away with a central figure in the defense of political prisoners who, with his collective, will have laid bare a foul-smelling and mafia-like judicial system under the orders of Satrapie. A clear message is therefore addressed to the current or potential lawyers who “would take the risk” to defend brilliantly, as often, the militants of the MRC. 

However, the crime will not go unpunished, history will deal with it in a beautiful way. As of now, I would not recommend to those who oppose this regime (I am not saying “opponents”) to confide, if necessary, in public hospitals. 

A citizen who watches.