Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Death of Me Souop: A complaint on ABK radio against X

The vice-president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) Me Emmanuel Simh explained the position of his political party following the death of his colleague Me Souop.

On the airwaves of ABK radio on January 21, 2019, the lawyer at the Cameroon bar revealed that the collective of MRC lawyers initiated a complaint against an unknown person following the death of Me Souop. In the same vein, he returned to the boycott of the double ballot next February, as well as the moral state of Maurice Kamto since the announcement of the death of Me Souop. 

A complaint against X 

"We have in law what are called suspicious deaths and when a person dies suddenly or by drowning, the law requires the judicial authority to carry out an investigation. If someone dies of a fracture it is suspicious, given the smile he displayed from Bafoussam. He answered the phone himself. Panicking is useless. If people have plans to murder all of us, let them do it. I do nothing special to protect myself at the risk of falling into psychosis. 

Following the death of Me Sylvain SOUOP, A complaint was filed against unknown. It is in the government's interest to allow an independent commission to conduct an investigation. It must be done impartially. We must calmly await the conclusions of the investigation that has been requested and the results of the autopsy if the family agrees. If my colleague and friend died of natural causes, negligence or murder, we will know, "reassured Me Emmanuel Simh. 

MRC activists would they be threatened? 

The vice-president of the MRC, reassures "Personally, I do not undergo any threat of death and I did not undergo it neither directly, nor indirectly. The precautions I take are normal ”.

Me Souop, a man who loved people! 

The death of Me Souop sounded like a blow on the head of Me Simh, he says. However, the man of law remains awaiting the results of the investigation, which will undoubtedly allow us to know the exact causes of this disappearance: "I lost a part of me, with Me SOUOP, we were called at least twice a day and we fought all of our fights. He is a man who loved people. I can understand the theses which clash on the causes of his death but I remain calm and I await the conclusions of the investigations ”. 

Call for boycott of the February 9 double ballot 

For Me Simh, the people should not go to vote on February 9 because, "it is an adventure, which continues to drag Cameroon into the wall," he said. 

Maurice Kamto almost lost his voice following the death of Me Souop 

"The most afflicted person today apart from the widow is Professor KAMTO. He almost lost his voice. The great pains are silent and KAMTO is experiencing one of the greatest pains of his life. SOUOP is KAMTO. And for the Paris meeting, the objective is to thank the diaspora for the support. It is thanks to her that for 9 months and at least twice a day, we have been able to feed the imprisoned MRC activists. They never ate the food served in this penitentiary, "he said.