Sunday, January 26, 2020

Death of Magistrate Alain Kamni: a colleague of the deceased delivers his version of the facts

A family was completely wiped from the face of the earth following a traffic accident that occurred on Friday around 3 a.m. at a place called the Nlongkak valley in Yaoundé. He is a young 34-year-old magistrate, his stepfather, his pregnant wife and their 2-year-old son.

What we know about the accident 

A wide-body aircraft registered 858 ax driving direction Mbala 2 Nlongkak roundabout at full speed crushes a small Toyota Yaris car from Bastos. The magistrate Alain Kamni Dingha, his stepfather Emmanuel Tandon and his boy, just 2 years old, will give up the ghost instantly. The wife named Pélagie Nahbula, pregnant, died a few hours later at the central hospital in Yaoundé. 

The details of a colleague of Alain Kamni Dingha 

Contacted by the editorial staff of, a promoter of the deceased at the National School of Administration and Magistrates relates the progress of the accident. A version he claims to have from one of his neighbors who was at the scene of the tragedy.

“From what I could hear, the shock was very violent. There is a neighbor who was returning from a trip at the same time. He says that the colleague was leaving Bastos with his small family and you know that it is truck time. So the truck came from Emana. At the crossroads, he started the valley fire crossroads, the truck was at high speed. The truck picked it up from the bastos exit side and the car ended up on the opposite side of the road as we have seen, "says a colleague and former comrade of the late Sieur Dingha at under cover of anonymity. 

“My friend, my bench neighbor during the 2 and a half years of training. He was the one who brought me in his car to Nlongkak. ” Indicates Aude, another comrade of the disappeared, not without exteriorizing the sadness that inhabits him. 

Alain Kamni Dinga will never exercise the profession of magistrate he has chosen. A 34-year-old ENAM graduate, he was in the process of integration and was waiting to be assigned by the State of Cameroon.