Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Crisis in the UPC: Accused by Bassa, Cabral Libii breaks the silence

The national president of the Cameroonian party for national reconciliation reacted on his Facebook page to accusations against him on the will to destroy the historic party of Cameroon.

In a poster circulating in the city of Es├ęka and published on social networks, noted that certain populations are attacking Cabral Libii regarding the situation as the UPC at the moment. "Nyong and Kelle populations wake up!" Cabral Libii's sole mandate is the total destruction of the UPC, some even call his party the new immortal soul of the Bassa. He has already completed his project at 75% by canceling almost all of the UPC lists. If we grant a single vote to its sheep leaving on February 09, 2020, we will have contributed to the burial of the UPC. Barring the road to Aujoulat in modern times, let's vote everything except Cabral Libii and its PCRN, ”we can read on the poster.

The reaction of the indexer was immediate. On his Facebook page the coordinator of the eleven million citizens movement says that he is entrusting this situation to the hands of God. And that the ambitions of the PCRN are national and not departmental. " Just a reminder. The PCRN has and displays a national ambition to unite! I trust God, ”wrote Cabral Libii.