Saturday, January 11, 2020

Corruption - Imposture: the underside of the release of the 'creator of Ayuk Tabe'

The regime of Biya and the press organs in its pay present us the swindler, “sweet pastor”, feyman and mythomaniac Success Nkongho as a fierce repentant separatist fighter. However, no one has seen a single photo or video of Success Nkongho showing him with a weapon, at the head of any armed group. Nothing abnormal for those who know the Republic of Cameroon where impostors and all kinds of people with dubious morals thrive.

What Cameroonians ignore or pretend to ignore about Success Nkongho is that he is a character who lives only on lies and swindles. The English-speaking crisis that erupted in October 2016 gave this boss of a slave trafficking agency for Kuwait the opportunity to put his pockets in it. This is how, at the beginning of 2017, Success came into contact with the Presidency of the Republic to infiltrate the Anglophone demand movement from the start. 

But before we get to its harmful role in the English-speaking revolution, let's start by telling Cameroonians why Success Nkongho is attacking the Paul Ayah Abine Foundation. Indeed, it is since 2013 that the crook pastor Success Nkongho turns around the retired magistrate Paul Ayah Abine. In January 2015, a few weeks after Paul Ayah Abine was appointed advocate general at the Supreme Court after the Superior Council of the Judiciary of December 18, 2014, Success Nkongho went to the magistrate's home in Yaoundé. 

In reality, the objective of Success Nkongho was to use Paul Ayah Abine as a cover for his illicit activities. Success Nkongho will offer Paul Ayah Abine to make business cards for him, covering him with praise and promising to pray for him as a pastor. What Paul Ayah Abine will accept because he finds no inconvenience. Once the business cards are made weeks later, Success will give a hundred copies to the magistrate Ayah Abine and keep a part. Guess why? 

Success Nkongho used these business cards to swindle people who had court cases by promising to have their cases quickly enlisted as "close collaborator of general counsel Paul Ayah Abine". These business cards also enabled him to escape legal proceedings or the arrest of the police, who lowered their guard when they saw the name of magistrate Ayah Abine on the business card brandished by Success Nkongho. 

Having managed to find himself in the immediate environment of Ayah Abine, he will be appointed public relations officer of the Justice For All association created by the magistrate a few months after the outbreak of the English-speaking crisis on October 21, 2016. When the list of members of the association is made public on Facebook, a certain Prophet Fon from Bamenda and another young boy returned from Dubai will brandish a complaint against Success Nkongho for fraud, which relates to an amount of more than 20 million FCFA. It is a sum of money collected by the pastor against a promise to send young people to travel to Kuwait. The victims will also meet in Yaoundé, Ayah Ayah Abine, the son of the other and member of the association, to tell him about it. 

So this is what is worth all the arrows of Success Nkongho on the back of the Ayah Abine Foundation. This is good because he is well known within the magistrate's family as a feyman and a character of dubious morality. It is this same individual who will conclude a deal with the power of Yaoundé to spy on Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, a native like him of Eyumojock, in the English-speaking south-west and break the English-speaking revolt.

Thus at the conclave of July 21, 2017 during which Ayuk Tabe was brought to the head of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonian Council United Front (SCACUF), Success Nkongho was present during the works. When the latter declares to the colleagues from Agence Cameroun press (ACP) that he is the one who proposed Ayuk Tabe as head of the SCACUF, it is to wonder if it is still him who determined the majority vote members in favor of Ayuk Tabe. 

When Julius Ayuk Tabe and 9 members of his interim government of "Ambazonia" were kidnapped on January 5 by Nigerian secret services at the Nera Hotel, Success Nkongho was present at that hotel that day. It was he who organized this meeting during which Sisiku and Co were kidnapped and handed over two weeks later to the authorities in Yaoundé. It was undoubtedly him who communicated to the Cameroonian and Nigerian secret services all of Ayuk's movements. Once its mission accomplished, Success Nkongho disappears into the wild to plunge back into its scam activities like this promise of a South African visa made to a lady who paid her more than 10 million naïras. No trace of the visa in question. 

Cameroon is truly a completely adrift Republic with offenders on the highway. So here is an individual to whom the power of Yaoundé rolls out the red carpet by presenting him as a "repentant separatist" when he was a snake who silently bit the English-speaking revolution for the benefit of that power. 

This is how Cameroonian taxpayer money is paid to a scammer to pick up French-speaking Cameroonians and unemployed Nigerians in Nigeria and Benin (including Olu, his Nigerian driver) and pass them off as Cameroonian refugees returned to the mother. homeland, upon arrival at Yaoundé-Nsimalen airport. And the Cameroonians applaud, uttering sighs of relief: "Finally, peace returns!" ". Like what, to hide its bitter failure on the war front in the English-speaking area, the Biya regime is forced to sell the dream of a return to normalcy to Cameroonians and to the international community. 

The tragedy is that there is not even a certain Cameroonian press that does not succumb to the flattering words of this specialist in sales pitch called Success Nkongho, who sells the illusion of an ability to bring peace to the English-speaking area, the illusion of a perfect knowledge of "Inside Ambazonia" when it was removed from reality. It is obviously only in Cameroon where individuals who have emerged from the underworld are apostles of the truth. 

Let the Cameroonians know that as much Success Nkongho lives and thrives on his talent as a crook, as much he is swindling the Cameroonian taxpayer, with the complicity of the cursed regime of Yaoundé.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong