Saturday, January 25, 2020

Corruption at the Supreme Court: Mbarga Mboa Named

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Tens of millions of CFA francs distributed to political parties to avoid a boycott of the legislative and municipal 2019, it is an open secret.

But the regime of Paul Biya did not stop there. Several sources confirm that the magistrates of the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court were also corrupted to favor the lists of the CPDM. Thus each judge would have received tens of millions of CFA francs. 

At the heart of the maneuver two men: Philippe Mbarga Mboa and Yoki Onana. Concerning Philippe Mbarga Mboa, in the mafia he would have occupied the role of emissary. The one who takes care of the low negotiations for the sponsor. It is also the same Mbarga Mboa who on mission to the Vatican on behalf of the CPDM will threaten with death Albert DZONGANG in December 2018 following the post-electoral contestation.

Our sources indicate that Philippe Mbarga Mboa and Yoki Onana spent nearly 100 million CFA francs to bribe the magistrates. The lawyer of ELECAM, Me Atangana would have received approximately 30 million CFA francs. 

But in reality, those who decided to participate in this masquerade have only to blame themselves.