Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Coronavirus: Panic hits Cameroonian Community in China

There is total panic within the Cameroonian community of China. Since the onset of the epidemic of the new Chinese Coronavirus, the whole world has been infatuated with fear, faced with this lightning disease. If the Chinese government has taken rapid measures, to shelter its population, it must be said that the Cameroonian community of China, does not benefit from any protection from the Cameroonian government and is completely abandoned.

The alert has just been launched at the editorial office of Afrik-inform, by the young Yaya, a student in China in the telecommunications faculty living in the city of Wuhan. For more than two weeks, many Chinese have died, which has put on alert the embassies of the countries of African nationals resident in China. According to the information that reaches our office, each African national is in contact with the authorities of his country, who communicate to them the outfit to follow in order to avoid contagion.

And the Cameroonian community in all this? They are nearly 500 Cameroonians, students and workers living in China, worried about their situation. The silence of the Cameroonian authorities and the Cameroonian embassy in China hovers over the abandonment and the lack of interest in what these nationals are going through at the moment. At the time of writing, the Cameroonian embassy in Beijing has yet to comment on the plight of one of its citizens attacked by this virus. What will Cameroonians do if one of them is affected? Where will they go for treatment? Up to now, the Embassy of Cameroon has continued to remain silent and inert. However..