Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Convicted Olanguena Awono, Yves Michel Fotso, reported to have spent more than 165 days outside prison

Former Urban Minister Olanguena Awono and Yves Michel Fotso, former Director General of Camair spend their 165th day outside the cells of the Kondengui central prison, in Yaoundé. They were extracted from it during 2019 for medical reasons.

The former Minister of Urban Public Health Olanguena Awono literally stays at the Yaoundé central hospital since the riots that occurred at the central prison on July 22. 

His transfer to this health facility follows the assault he suffered during the scuffles organized by English-speaking prisoners. 

All things that hinder the progress of his trial at the Special Criminal Court for the embezzlement of 3 billion CFA francs. The said trial resumes on February 6, after a dismissal pronounced on December 17 due to the absence of the defendant.

In Morocco, far from national borders, Yves Michel Fotso is under treatment. This is at least what we retain from the reason for its authorized evacuation last August 2019. 

The former director of the Camair is sentenced to life imprisonment in various procedures, the most publicized of which is the false acquisition of a plane for President Paul Biya. 

Yves Michel Fotso's stay in Morocco was planned to last 90 days. The concerned had his passport returned by order of the President of the Republic. Indiscretions saw it as an exfiltration measure.