Saturday, January 18, 2020

REVELATIONS: Conspiracy to assassinate Kamto in Paris and the poison injected into Me Souop '

“People carrying a dark project against our people are at work at the top of the state they are ready to do anything to keep power, reliable information reports a plan to physically eliminate the president elected Professor Maurice Kamto, two of his allies Penda Ekoka and Albert Dzongang and certain members of the MRC ”

Prophetic words of the president-elect Maurice Kamto held on November 25, 2019 at the MRC headquarters in Odza, Yaoundé. 

The elements of these last days, the event of yesterday morning, namely the unexpected death of master Sylvain Souop, seem to accompany the prophecy of Odza. 


Master Sylvain Souop, his wife, master Temate were victims of a traffic accident at the entrance to the town of Dschang, and all three taken to the regional hospital of bafoussam… Master Sylvain Souop was not suffering that of a slight fracture in the arm, his unharmed wife presented no physical problem and as for Master Temate, his case seemed to be the most serious. 


It is at this precise moment that the genesis of this text takes on a prophetic aspect because a source who wished to remain anonymous affirms: “When they learned of the accident from the people of the MRC and knew the identity of the victims , there were calls to have Master Souop eliminated at the regional hospital in Bafoussam; but later they were surprised to learn that he is in Yaoundé. I can confirm that I heard them say that he had to be injected with an infusion, he never died from anesthesia as you would like to believe ”. 

After our investigations, which we were able to conduct this morning, the SSRs confirm that Me Souop never died following a complication of anesthesia. We challenge the CURY where he died to prove the contrary. 


This same reliable source also tells us that these individuals through the Cameroonian secret services, plan to infiltrate the meeting of Maurice Kamto in Paris on February 1, 2020 and to attack his life and those of certain activists, there will to have fights and movements of the kind which will favor a disorder in which syringes will be used and in case Maurice Kamto returns to the country, they plan to arrest him again and it is in prison that they envisage his final elimination. 

The SSR draw the attention of the Cameroonian people to the diabolical projects carried out by certain individuals hiding in ministries and villas in Yaoundé who are the main sponsors of the assassination of Me Souop.

Journalist: N'zui Manto