Wednesday, January 29, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL: Paul Biya seals the fate of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh

The name of Cyrus Ngo'o cited among the potential future SGPR. This can only surprise those who do not know Paul Biya. One thing is certain Bi Mvondo has been thinking for several months about the replacement of Ferdinand Ngo'o, the current Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. The head of Ngo'o Ngo'o has been claimed for several months by several Western chancelleries. One of the diplomats of a European power stationed in Yaoundé confides on this subject: "his place is in prison."

From then on, behind the scenes of the Republic, a name is gradually making its way: Cyrus Ngo, the current boss of the autonomous port of Douala. He is undoubtedly the most prominent personality of Cameroon at the start of 2020. And for good reason, Cyrus Ngo'o succeeded where his predecessors (Jean-Marcel Dayas Moumoune, Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono) failed: to hunt Bolloré from the Port of Douala. Enough to cover the tabloids that salute the feat achieved by this great patriot. 

Indeed, thanks to the end of DIT concession, Cyrius Ngo'o, despite some legal setbacks on the litigation of the call for candidates for the management of the Container Terminal, had the ingenious idea of ​​creating a management delegated to manage said terminal. Race result: in 1 month, the DG of the PAD made 22 billion in revenue to the State, while over the same period, Bolloré gave 2.5 billion. From high-level sources, it is argued that these good results confirm the idea of ​​appointing the DG PAD among the potential future Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR) as a digital replacement for Ferdinand Ngoh during the reshuffle of the government announced after the legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020.

Anyway, Cyrus Ngo'o has the profile of the job, with regard to his pedigree which says a lot. From the ENAM of Yaoundé, NGO'O Cyrus also holds an MBA in Business Administration obtained in Quebec. In his career in the Cameroonian civil service, he was, among other things, Advisor to the Prime Minister on questions relating to the monitoring of and the implementation of public policies in the areas of land, energy, water, public works , mines and especially ports. Before arriving at the PAD Directorate, he held the post of Chargé de Mission in the Infrastructure and Public Procurement Division in the Prime Minister's Office. He was the project coordinator.

Nevertheless in the battle of the port of Douala, he tried to replace Bollore in collusion with Ferdinand Ngo'o Ngo'o, by a mafia society (TIL) involved in drug trafficking across the planet. An operation stopped by Paul Biya. He will certainly hope that Paul Biya will not remember this.