Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cinema: this is how Cameroon' Francis Ngannou won the heart of Hollywood

His meteoric entry into the highly selective world of American cinema is unprecedented.

With a valiant heart nothing is impossible, we could say Francis Ngannou who has just landed against all odds a prestigious role in the American series called '' Fast and Furious 9 ''. And for good reason, the talented Cameroonian boxer, now framed by world legend Mike Tyson in person, was much more awaited by fans in the ring, on March 28, for an ultimate fight that will oppose him, in Rozentruik. 

Obviously, this is an unprecedented journey for the one affectionately called `` The Predator '', especially since in just a few years of boxing career, he finds himself as if by magic in the cinematography industry American, which we know to be very close. Indeed, He is the second African to play in this series, after the Beninese Djimon Hounsou.

The tour of this film has just started, and the release is scheduled for May 22, 2020. However he continues serenely to train with his coach Mike Tyson, in view of his next fight which promises to be very bitter, d 'as much as his opponent who is not a child at heart to the respondent. But many agree that Francis Ngannou has the arguments necessary to overcome his opponent. 

Nothing, however, foreshadowed such a dazzling journey for this native of BatiĆ©. In 2013, it was in hiding that he left Cameroon, to join France, in the flood of migrants. After living as a homeless person, the humanitarian association La Chorba will open its doors to him. It is the start of a new career. In 17 bouts of the Ultimate Figthing Championship in the heavyweight category, he will win 14