Friday, January 10, 2020

Chaoses at CPDM: Messanga Nyamding quarantined

Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding who shone by his absence during the presentation of the New Year's greetings to President Paul Biya on January 9, 2020, accuses his comrades of not having played fair with the invitation ticket given by the cabinet civilian of the Presidency of the Republic.

A special atmosphere prevailed at the Palace of Unity in Yaoundé on January 9, 2020 due to the presentation of the wishes by the members of the Diplomatic Corps and of the national constituted bodies to President Paul Biya. 

In the process, the members of the central committee of the CPDM were almost all present. But the absence of Professor Messanga Nyamding was remarkable. 

Guest of the Debrief news broadcast on Canal 2 International this Thursday, January 9, the teacher of international relations at the Eric pointed an accusing finger at his comrades of the central committee of the flame party. 

Revelations ...

“The civil office of the President of the Republic gave my ticket and that of my wife to the central committee of the CPDM. They never gave me my ticket. But they chose to hand over my wife's. Which is very serious. They say that I am going to whisper things in the ear of the President of the Republic, ”reveals the titular member of the central committee of the CPDM.

Note that Professor Messanga Nyamding does not stroke the members of the CPDM central committee at all in the sense of the hair because he does not have his tongue in his pocket when he wants to spread the flaws that undermine the party. 

In addition, in the media, the academic does not hesitate to claim the reward in view of his many years of activism within the ruling party.