Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Chantal Biya's mother's companion screams for help

Her name is Mendouga Mechiok. Since the death of Mrs. Rosette Mboutchouang, the sire of the current first lady of Cameroon, she has been blacking out. From the depths of her distress she cries for help and hopes that Chantal BIYA will hear her cries.

It was by a letter requesting a hearing made public by Mediatik that the one who had served for many years the mother of the wife of the Head of State, expressed her distress. You can read there: 

“Mum, I am the companion of the late Mama Rosette Mboutchouang, you will recognize me by the small name of Mama Dimako. Actually I am leaving Dimako, after 4 days spent under the stars. I was brought to a homonym of your husband who was tender, understanding and welcoming, he already in all responsibility touched your immediate entourage. Do you know, everyone ignores me. For 3 days he has kept me at home in the hope that this time my voice will reach you. 

For several years I have tried everything, access has never been easy for me to see you. As you know, I have always been loyal and loyal to mom Rosette and since her departure, nothing has ever been easy for me. They close the door on my face everywhere. Some ask me how I did not manage to flee like the others during our trips abroad. I don't regret staying with mom rosette until the end of her days on earth. I know it's not your will if I can't see you, but I've tried everything. I am forgotten, I am miserable, I am very impoverished, what should I do? I had no other recourse than this channel for my tears to reach you. I have a bunch of documents explaining everything, but, I prefer to publish a few to make my situation credible and audible. "

The first lady is deemed to be a lady at heart. This is why Mother Dimako knows that if she is informed of her situation, she will certainly react. In the meantime, she continues to benefit from the charity of this namesake of Paul BIYA who still accepts for a time to take charge of her. Strongly that the men of the entourage of the first lady send him this message. The life of a fellow citizen also depends on it.