Monday, January 13, 2020

Can 2020: after Prime Potomac's failure in Garoua, Mota-Engil as reinforcement

The Stadiums of Poumpoure & Reyre which Prime Potomac was unable to build will now be the responsibility of the Portuguese Mota-Engil.

On Wednesday January 8, 2020, activities resumed on the construction sites of the Poumpoure and Reyre training stadiums in Garoua. As evidenced by the mobilization observed on simultaneously on the two sites, Mota Engil Africa is making every effort to meet the deadlines in order to play its part so that the city of Garoua can accommodate its hen of the Can very beautifully. To do this Mota Engil Africa took it upon itself (as was the case to complete the Roumde Adja worksites) to provide its own funding in order to start the works quickly. This allowed us, from the signing of the minutes of negotiation and the issuance of the Start-up service order, to make great progress without waiting for the finalization of all administrative procedures. 

Since the mission of the Task Force of August 7, 2019 in Garoua where Mota-Engil Africa has been informed that the Government would like the completion of the construction sites of the Poumpoure and Reyre stadiums as well as the Bénoué hotel to be attributed to Mota-Engil in order to save the hen from Garoua, we immediately mobilized. 

* We brought in our architects and other engineers… that is to say a dozen experts from Portugal to lend a hand to the team on site in order to assess the work that remained to be done as quickly as possible and thus make an offer realistic. 

* In the process, MEA took partial possession of the Poumpoure and Reyre training stadiums by installing the site, general cleaning, repairing the site fence, demolishing the existing lawn (excavated material deposited ), reprofiling and compacting of the platform of the play areas.

* Following validation by the Task Force on December 10, 2019 of our offer, and pending contractualization, MEA immediately placed orders for materials (gravel, sand) and drainage materials (geodrains, sprinkler system) . We also carried out additional design studies and the production of implementation plans. 

* Since Wednesday 08 January 2020, mobilization has been effective on the two sites. The topographic team has set up, the supply of gravel and sand has started on site, additional recruitments are also continuing. The work schedule has already been drawn up. 

In short, given that we have already received the service start order, we are mobilized and motivated. Although we are still awaiting funding, Mota-Engil, as for the Roumde Adjia site, prefinances the start of the work in order to be sure not to waste time. So we are starting these projects on our own funds in order to help the Government achieve the objectives that we have set ourselves together.