Monday, January 13, 2020

Cameroon's real enemies exposed

We are used to saying "Cameroon is Cameroon". This sentence makes perfect sense. We are an extraordinary people. Despite the plagues of colonization, which still have a serious effect on us, we have not lost the north. We have been tormented since time immemorial, but we remain standing like a rock.

It must be recognized, the Cameroonian is a loving and hospitable citizen. Which does not mean that he is a "moumou". We inherited these qualities from our fathers. We are moderate, balanced beings. But we can also act like a lion when its den is really threatened by intruders. 

I know the real Cameroonian. He is good like Fabrice Ondoa, and can give tweaks and brandish green red yellow very high like Francis N'Gannou. The real Cameroonian knows the origins of the pains that hit his country. He fights them at the root and lets the manipulators do the work for which they were paid or for which they were formatted. 

True Cameroonians are spiritual because they know that nothing can be achieved with human strength or wisdom. I am a Cameroonian, I am a god. I have the capacity to draw in me the desires of my heart. I have this ability to bring love, peace and success into existence without someone's endorsement. I am a true Cameroonian, my heart meditates nothing bad against my blood brother. 

The real Cameroonians that I have already met since my birth have a winning mentality. They will never accuse anyone if they fail. True Cameroonians eat with sweat from their foreheads. They thank God every day for the daily bread he gives them. Hatred does not know the real Cameroonian who has respect for his ancestors and his culture, no matter the theories of war developed by each other to prevent their country from walking. To walk straight towards the objective without blinking your eyes. 

True Cameroonians do not give in to the beautiful words of wolves disguised as lambs, do not swallow their beautiful sentences like a word of the gospel. The real Cameroonian has the right to be angry, to disagree with certain policies, but he will never take up arms against his brother. The real Cameroonian has a little bit of Um Nyobe, Martin Paul Samba, Ernest Ouandie and all of our heroes, who fought for the sovereignty of our country. These heroes were presented in their time as "maquisards", "rebels", while they were liberators.

Today, we have found more modern words to discredit our heroes in our eyes: "genocidaires, dictateurs". While there is nothing. Like traitors, we use these expressions in our public speaking without asking real questions. Without asking who really are behind these words and for what purpose? 

The real Cameroonian knows that those who walk according to the will of the colonists will never be called dictators or genocidaires, neither by their media, nor by their subcontractors here in the country. 

Because you are a true Cameroonian, because you enjoy all your lucidity, you should know that we are following in the footsteps of the founding fathers of our dear and beautiful country. Do not betray them voluntarily as some of our fathers did at the time. 

I am Cameroonian and proud of it. 

Didier Ndengue