Friday, January 31, 2020

Cameroonian Soldiers reportedly killed a man suspected of cooperating with Amba boys in Babessi

The body abandoned at Babungo village around 10h13mn. He was suspected of cooperating with armed groups.

On the morning of January 18, 2020, two young men were arrested by elements belonging to the Cameroonian army at the Baba 1 market. It is 39 km away from Bamenda, in the district of Babessi, region of Nord- Where is. They were immediately thrown into the cell of the Babessi brigade. Because suspected of cooperating with armed groups. 

The abandoned body 

Four days later, one of them, named Ntohku Nsangou, 40, was taken out of the Babessi gendarmerie unit. Under the pretext of a transfer to the neighboring Brigade of Ndop. “He was taken aboard two pick-ups to cross the Babungo and Baba 1 villages. Along the way, the young man was coldly shot by the soldiers and the body abandoned in the Babungo village at around 10h13mn. The body was recovered by the family and buried in strict traditional privacy that same January 22 in the evening in Babessi, "tells us Mandela Center international, an NGO with special consultative status with the United Nations. These comments are contained in an information note made public on January 23, 2020.

Cruel treatment 

The other unfortunate, Yakubu Yari, aged 37, has been subjected to atrocious acts of torture since 18 January 2020. As well as cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment on the premises of the Babessi brigade. His torturers threaten to execute him if he does not pay a ransom of 500,000 FCFA. "The victim's genitor was formally refused access to her son...for non-payment of the ransom demanded," denounces the NGO. 

According to him, the local military and administrative authorities were seized. However, no reaction was recorded since then. The NGO reminds the Cameroonian authorities that they will be fully responsible for anything that could happen to this citizen.