Thursday, January 9, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: United States Informed the UN that it is prepared to engage in negotiations with Iran without any preconditions

The United States of America informed the United Nations that it's now fully prepared to engage in negotiations with Iran without any preconditions. This information is from the United Nations' website. 

Is US backing out or scared?..

It's mostly on the good side. Means they are trying to negotiate for peace. 

That show of strength was all political rhetoric. US has played their hand and Iran is not intimidated. Iran now seemingly has a stronger hand in future negotiations. They have survived sanctions and military actions. They've got no incentive to make concessions now.

They know they cant best the US in an all out war but they won't be a walk over either. USA cannot rest easy now with the range of proxy forces at Iran's diaposal. This really was not in line with their objectives especially with the real risk of being forced out.

In his speech, Trump blamed Soleimani for the massacre of 1000s of US troops in Syria and elsewhere. The United States has not yet reported the deaths of “1000s of its troops in the region.”

It took the United States years, to admit that 2000-3500 US Soldiers have died in the middle eastern conflict since 2003. The Pentagon has a long track record of under-reporting or denying US casualties.

When it comes to Iran’s track record:

Iran said it will retaliate. It did

It said it will not use proxies. It didn't

It said it'll target military assets. It did

Message is: They will do what they say

Now they say they'll target all US bases in the region if Trump escalates. - As Source News