Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Breaking: Iranian military commander says the country's airspace is now safer than before - invites airlines

The Iranian military commander has said on Tuesday that the country airspace is now safer to airlines ever than before.

The military commander made this statement after the Iran's top leaders have met with other diplomats to discuss the possible solution to end conflict between Iran and America.

The Ukrainian plane had crash in Iran killing 176 people on board including Iranians hours after the death of Suleiman, the Irani's top military leader killed by the US airstrikes.

Iran's aviation authority has said that the crew of Ukrainian plane that crashed did not make a call for help and were trying to turn back shortly after take-off.

While reacting to the Ukraine plan crash, Russian official said Iran government must have learn it lessons after bringing down the Ukranian Plane.

Iran and the Ukranian Plane Crash:

1- Denied they shot it down

2- Said it’s impossible that they could’ve shot it down

3- Insisted the plane crashed due to technical problems

4- Admitted it was shot down, but not necessarily by Iran

5- Apologized, but blamed president Donald Trump

6- Invites airlines to fly the Irani's space