Thursday, January 9, 2020

Breaking: Iran told Iraq they were going to strike and Iraq immediately notified the American troops

Donald Trump said no American was harmed during the last night Iran' missile attack on the United States troops bases in Iraq.

Pentagon has earlier reported that the Iran intentionally missed US troops at bases. 

"President Trump delivered a great response. He highlighted that there was an early warning system. It’s now becoming clear that Iran told Iraq they were going to strike; and Iraq immediately notified USA. Iran is trying to save face. It’s like a big drum, loud noises but empty,

"The only problem with the President’s talk is him referring to the Iranian Government as “The Iranian Regime.” (I also used to refer to it as such). It’s best to say “The Regime in Iran.” That’s because those crooks have no legitimacy and don’t represent Iran or its people." Imam of peace