Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Boycott: it's getting more interesting, the prefect of the Ntem valley attacks Mrc

While dissident forces are multiplying strategies for a bitter failure of the very important electoral event of February 09, Mr. BOUBA HAMAN, as part of his tour of making contact in his administrative unit carried out from January 06 to 13, 2020, called all of his constituents to the polls.

"Be good citizens". It is all the good that the new number 1 of the department of Vallée du Ntem wishes to its citizens during and after his magister. Installed on October 15, 2019 by the Governor of the Southern Region, the Prefect of the Vallée du Ntem has since then, constantly promoted his method and sculpted the model of citizen to which all Cameroonians living on his unit of command. After having previously visited all the public, parapublic and private services existing in the city of Ambam, capital of the department, Mr. BOUBA HAMAN began on January 6, 2020 the first phase of his contacting tour which brought him to conducted in more than a dozen localities in the Ntem Valley, with the last stop on the 13th of the current month in the city of Ambam. “The first report of this exercise is already to discover the administrative district for which I am responsible. Obviously, it is also a question of getting in touch with my populations, exchanging with them and presenting to them my vision of how I wish to lead this administrative unit in the execution of the missions that have been assigned to me. It was an exciting exercise. 

Everywhere we went, concerns were raised and we recorded them. But we have more reassured these people that we are here to work with them. We did not come to fight them, on the contrary, we are there to supervise them, to accompany them in their activities... In the days to come, we will therefore try to implement and follow all the guidelines that we have given to our populations so that we can access development. Our happiness as an administrative authority lies in the well-being of the populations, ”confided to us Mr. Prefect. 

But the administrative authority has not lost sight of the fact that our country is going through sensitive periods, on the eve of the electoral deadlines for deputies and municipal councilors, scheduled for February 9, 2020. At the time when the secessionist forces which undermine the tranquility of the populations in the North-West and South-West regions seem to be in collusion with a certain radicalized opposition to try to impose on the Cameroonians the boycott card to the effect of failing at this moment perceived as decisive turning point in the he implementation of decentralization in Cameroon, the Prefect of the Ntem Valley calls all of his constituents to the polls on February 09. “A good citizen is also one who actively participates in the political life of his country. In particular who exercises his right to vote.

In addition, "we invited them to live in harmony, in a peaceful manner in short, to live in the" harmonious living together "so dear to the Head of State, and this is where we will be able to access to social peace, to tranquility, to calm, within our populations ”, adds the administrative authority. 

Mr. BOUBA HAMAN is the tenth prefect of the Ntem Valley department named in the presidential decrees of October 07, 2019 carrying a large movement in the prefecture. Only about three months after its installation, its method almost convinced the people unanimously to believe again and more in the public authorities. And no doubt, the boycott meditated for the next elections will not pass through the Valley of Ntem.

Source: 237online.com