Saturday, January 11, 2020

Biya's succession: the Far North is preparing a coup

There are no real opposition parties in the far north simply because they are waiting for the power that Amadou Ahidjo had given to Paul Biya to return to the Far North.

When we go back in the course of the political history of Cameroon since the advent of democracy, we quickly realize that the parties created or led by political leaders from the Far North have never taken an active part in the conquest of power. In other words, they never really worried the CPDM. 

Whether it is the UNDP of Bello Bouba, the ANDP of Hamadou Moustapha, the ADD, Garga Hamman Adj, the UPR of Antar Gassagay, or the MDR of DaikolĂ© Dassala, the parties of The Far North, without exception, are or have been allies of current power. However, this is not an idyllic alliance as some may think. This alliance is rather strategic. "They are accompanying Paul Biya, while he puts power back where he took it." That is to say in the Far North. This news is widespread, especially in this area of ​​the country, where many, ignoring the paradigm shift, think that the devolution of power will be by mutual agreement. It is undoubtedly for this reason that all the socio-political turmoil experienced by Cameroon, the Far North was the least concerned. Dead cities, hunger riot, post-electoral crisis…

Admittedly, it can be said that when it was created, the UNDP gave a hard time to the Biya regime, notably with an impressive number of deputies to the National Assembly in 1992. However, it must be recognized that it had just 'be snatched from the hands of his sire Samuel Eboua, who had used his aura to hoist the UNDP to the sky. It is also true that the absence of the SDF in these elections was also responsible for this. Without a blow, Bello Bouba, freshly returned from his exile, opted in place of the conquest of power, to make an alliance with the CPDM, against some folding seats. 

The scrambles of sharing the wallets, created a fragmentation within the UNDP, from which will be born the ANDP of Ahmadou Moustapha. Later Issa Tchiroma will also leave the ANDP to create his party. Despite the internal quarrels, they are all allies of the government which in return has always arranged for them ministerial portfolios among others.