Saturday, January 11, 2020

Biya abandons Cameroonian students in misery without paying scholarship arrears

Clearly, Cameroonian leaders have too much contempt for human life. Cameroonian scholarship holders in Russia are 16 months past due from unpaid scholarships.

The situation is all the more dramatic since many of them no longer receive family support because the parents tell themselves that the grants are passing. The hardest part is knowing that the scholarship supplements have been in Moscow ever since, but the Cameroonian Embassy in Moscow authorities for their own reasons decide to let students experience misery in a country as difficult as Russia, where the student is not allowed to do student jobs. 

Many Cameroonian students are today threatened with being expelled from university hostels due to unpaid accommodation costs. Some are already sick and cannot be treated because medical insurance is not paid. Those who are in their final year of training and cannot concentrate on writing their diploma due to lack of materials and financial support.

As if they were vampires, the embassy collector and the cultural affairs officer decided to spend the holidays with their families in Cameroon, leaving poor students to spend these holiday periods in indescribable misery. It's wickedness.