Sunday, January 26, 2020

Bishop Kléda doesn't want to hear about Cardinal Tumi

It is a decision that surprises most of the former President of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon. Bishop Samuel Kleda has just forbidden the priests to quote Cardinal Christian Tumi during intercessory prayers during the Eucharist.

Qualified as "particular practice", this prohibition takes effect from the date of the signing of the decree that the bishop signed today. 

This decision comes once again to dismantle the deleterious climate that prevails within the church and which is due to the position of each other vis-à-vis the socio-political crisis than across Cameroon. 

Mgr Samuel Kléda stood out for his outings deemed "anti-Biya" since the assassination of his colleague Mrg Bala. He even questioned the victory of Paul Biya during the presidential election in October 2018.

Below is the dedication of Mgr Samuel Kléda