Monday, January 13, 2020

Bertoua: a student unconscious after consuming hard drugs and alcohol

Having "dribbled" the lessons this Friday to take part in a game of "chatting, editor's note" in the company of these acolytes in the Ekombitier district behind the old group Sonel in a "Tchapalo, editor's note".

It was around 10 am that the gang these young teenagers in class outfit erupted in the sector with the primary objective of getting comfortable. "When they got here saying there was no class, it was about 10 am ..." said another young boy who had not attended school, sharing bowls of white wine with the victim's gang. 

From 10 am to 2 pm past, the 14-year-old girl experimented with the consumption of narcotics, as √Čric tells us. "She drank wildly, the whiskey in sachets commonly called Tombo, and the officers, without the mantango ... " 

It is by wanting to return to the family home that the little girl who would live in the Tindamba district, in the arrondissement of Bertoua 2e, will flow under the helpless gaze of these comrades of circumstances. Until the arrival of the elements of the special rapid intervention team of the police (ESIR) and certain officials of his establishment who immediately will take the victim to the regional hospital of Bertoua for better care.

One remembers that Jean-Didier Vincent, in his novel extraordinary journey to the center of the brain, published in 2007 specified that: “Alcoholic intoxication is an experience which makes the drunkard a poet and the soulograph a genius. It only remained to ignite this alcoholic lake, and as if it were a question of setting fire to a mine. ” 

A deplorable situation which leads us to challenge the vigilance of the whole educational community to take charge its responsibilities of supervision and educator on the youth which is the "Cameroon of tomorrow" or even "The spearhead of the nation" to use the head of state Paul Biya.