Thursday, January 30, 2020

Away for 2 months, Michelle Ndocki finally breaks the silence on February elections

Many Cameroonians have wondered where Me Michelle Ndocki of the Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun (MRC) has gone since the boycott of the municipal and legislative double ballot next February.

On November 25, 2019, during a press conference after the holding of the MRC National Council, Prof. Maurice Kamto announced the withdrawal of his party from the race for seats of city councilors and seats of deputies. In the days following this announcement, the lawyer reacted on her twitter account regarding this withdrawal. And then it disappeared from circulation. 

Two months later, she resurfaces and speaks on major news in Cameroon and sensitizes Cameroonians on the scope of the active boycott launched by her political party, as well as other political parties and certain actors of civil society. 

“I am sending you this short message here today to tell you about the position of the MRC with regard to the upcoming elections. You know that we are in the middle of a boycott partner. I know many of you have not been intimately convinced in your heart that we have not made the right decision. I would like to share with you my feeling on this issue and encourage you in what seems to me to be the way of the future. I believe that we would not have obtained what we are looking for by participating in the February 9 elections. What we would have gotten was a few seats brought in fraudulently and that would never have allowed us to bring about the changes that this country needs.

As an appeal to the Cameroonian people, Michelle Ndocki invites them to make the boycott a success. “We have to make the boycott campaign a success. We must put the government, the CPDM, face to face with its responsibilities. Let's see what they will say when the polling stations were deserted, not even a million people came to vote. How they will still pretend that we are in a democracy. Let us see above all how we can push them to understand the time of dictatorship, the time of mismanagement, the time of mediocracy is behind us. And that from 2020 we are embarking on a path which is the path to the rebirth of Cameroon, ”she says. 

Watch the video of Me Ndoki below;