Friday, January 31, 2020

Attack on teachers: Cabral Libii challenges the police

After the repression of the teachers' march in tribute to their colleague who died a few days ago at the Lycée de Nkolbisson by law enforcement forces (FMO), the politician Cabral Libii was quick to react to this news.

On Thursday January 30, 2020, the young teacher Boris Kevin Djomi Tchakounté began his last trip for eternity. It all started with the lifting of bodies at the university hospital center (CHU). His peers decided to pay him a well-deserved tribute. After the brewing, a long procession followed in the direction of the Normal School of Yaoundé. Except that at the Emia crossroads, the march was intercepted by the FMOs who dispersed the teachers with tear gas and water. This attitude of the FMO outraged the socio-political Landerneau of Cameroon and created hot throats on the web. 

On his Facebook account, the national president of the PCRN did not remain indifferent to this situation. He did not approve of the behavior of the police and thought that the teachers were in their right. He also asks the teachers to sanction this behavior on February 9 by making the right choice. “Useless repression of teachers! They have the right to collectively experience, at least punctually, the pain of their corporation! on February 9, 2020, teachers know what to do with their ballots, ”Cabral Libii wrote on Facebook.