Saturday, January 25, 2020

ART: Chairman of the Board refuses to sign important documents

The Chairman of the Board of Directors refuses to sign documents important for the proper functioning of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency.

This is information relayed in the columns of the Eco Matin newspaper. The Chairman of the Board of Directors (Pca) Hessana Mahamat refuses to sign the draft resolution adopting the budget for the financial year 2020, as well as the resolution taking note of the annual performance report for the financial year 2019. So far the Pca and the Director General (Dg) PhilĂ©mon Zo'o Zame always look at each other like faience dogs. 

On January 8, 2020, the Pca sent a letter to the Art Director. And its purpose is: "Non-signature of the draft resolution adopting the 2020 budget for Art". In said letter, the Pca wrote: "I have the honor to inform you that ART's Administrative Performance Project (PPA) for the 2020 financial year was not adopted at the end of the 45th session ordinary of the ART's board of directors, which was held on December 30, 2019 and in which you personally took part ”.

In the same letter, the Pca adds that “in order to better appreciate and decide on the figures indicated in the said PPA 2020, the board of directors asked the general management to produce three documents which are detailed, l 'financial impact on ART's annual payroll; the state of execution of the resolutions of the board of directors dated December 20, 2018 relating to the consolidation of the personnel file and the balance file of ART; the payment for the regularization of the advancement of all ART staff, frozen by the general management since 2010, ie almost 07 years; the application of the decree of the President of the Republic No 2019/322 of June 19, 2019 fixing the categories of public establishments, the remuneration, the allowances and the benefits of the leaders ”. 

In this same letter, Hessana Mahamat reminds Philemon Zo'o Zame of two things. The first relates to the production of these documents. These were to be sent to the Board of Directors. And they are important in the sense that they allow for a PPA review. The second thing is that there is a discrepancy in the figures on the gross payroll. This discrepancy in a variation of nearly two billion FCFA "has already been the cause of the convening of two ordinary sessions at the end of which, the accounts and financial statements for the 2018 financial year were definitively closed", specifies the Pca.