Saturday, January 11, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Tibor Nagy calls for 'military intervention' in Cameroon

He advised the Cameroonian Government not to waste taxpayers' money to implore the United States to relax AGOA sanctions,"

Said "No amount of begging by Cameroonian delegations can repair gross human rights violations in Anglophone regions of Cameroon".

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Things are getting hot ! The response of Tibor Nagy to the bluster of the Cameroonian government following the suspension of Cameroon from AGOA by Donald Trump is fatal!

The Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Nagy Tibor, said that, although relations between Cameroon and the United States remain cordial, heavy sanctions would be applied if the Central African country stubbornly continued to violate international human rights law. 

Tibor described human rights violations in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon as "serious", adding that no begging by Cameroonian delegations can repair gross human rights violations. 

Tibor stressed Wednesday that delegations from Cameroon should be sent to resolve political problems in the separatist state of Ambazonia. "Do not waste taxpayers' money to implore the United States to relax AGOA sanctions," said Secretary Tibor to a delegation led by the Minister Delegate of Cameroon to the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu. 

“The United States has been too patient with Cameroonian Paul Biya. He calls for military intervention on his country. We cannot support a brutal dictatorship which is determined to change. ".

Mbayu Felix, however, told Tibor that more time should be allowed for the change of Paul Biya, adding that the machinery of government was working slowly but surely. “Our president was not in good health. This is why the decisions to beg anglophones have been difficult to apply. Give us a day, ”said Minister Mbayu. 

“We are also punishing some soldiers who have beheaded English speakers.” Responding to press questions at a joint press conference in Washington DC, Mbayu told reporters that the soldiers in Ambazonia are very powerful and that they cannot be easily defeated. "We have underestimated their strength and unity," Mbayu told the Washington Post. 

“We also lost at least 741 Cameroonian soldiers. We urge the United States to punish the Ambazonia defense groups. ” Tim Hans, a leading US diplomat, has hinted that new sanctions against Cameroon may resemble those that were applied against the Zimbabwe regime of former President Robert Mugabe. “English speakers are really suffering and they need their country at all costs. They cannot bear the inhuman treatment they are being treated, ”said Tim. At least 12,000 civilians have been killed by the Cameroonian army since 2016, citing Human Rights Watch. Half a million English speakers live as refugees elsewhere in Africa, and hundreds of thousands of people are displaced in the bushes.