Thursday, January 2, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya only depends on a military solution

In his traditional speech to the nation, the Cameroonian head of state rebels against the separatists who continue the armed struggle.

This December 31, 2019, Paul Biya, the President of the Republic of Cameroon, does not miss the ritual. In his traditional message to the nation, he reviews the major political issues of the past year. From the outset, he tackles those who dispute his legitimacy. According to him, these seem to have forgotten the rules that govern democracy. “Is it necessary to recall that a democracy has as sole arbiter the sovereign people? When the latter has spoken through free and transparent elections, and the results are announced after examining possible appeals, these results must be respected and accepted by all ”. Indicates this.

He thus alludes to the militants of the Movement for the renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), who contest his re-election. To his detractors of the diaspora, the man of November 6, 1982, made a point. "With regard to the excessive behavior of some of our compatriots in the diaspora - whether they are or are no longer Cameroonians - I think they should, out of patriotism, refrain from negative comments about their country of origin. We must always respect our homeland, its institutions and those who embody them”.

In this communion with the nation, Paul Biya, does not miss social networks. For him, it is not social networks and "such and such a press organ" that cannot "change the results of an election, even less illegal demonstrations, violence and personal or hateful attacks". Launch this one.

Another posture worthy of interest is the situation in the northwest and the southwest. He noted with regret the persistence of the war on the ground and promised military reinforcement. "For those who persist in staying on the wrong track and who continue to use violence, we will have no choice but to fight them to protect all of our fellow citizens. Our defense and security forces will once again do their duty with moderation, but without weakness. ” Concludes the President of the Republic.