Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Here is the complete list of Ambazian 'Generals' killed by the army

Separatist generals were killed after internal struggles within the revolution.

Let the power of Yaoundé and its horde of sardines vuvuzela stop brandishing the fruit of internal struggles in the enemy camp like that of its omnipotence.

This opportunism is a sign of weakness and proof that we have been defeated. The separatist generals listed below were killed after internal struggles within the revolution, as happens in any liberation struggle: 


2-Simonic by Lebialem 

3-Slizzy by muyenge 

4- Godfather of muyenge

5-General mad dog de mbatu 

6-Amba queen of Bali nyonga 

7-General koraman of Bali nyonga 

8-General Bier bier 

9-The massacres of 5 fighters in Guzang

10-General ivo in Teke (not far from Kumba) 

11-General Amigo de Belo 

12-General king de likumba 

13-General point de wututu 

14-General wazuzu

15-General Divine 

16-Comandant FON of bui 

17-General big number 

18-General Chacha of Bui

Source: hurinews.com