Monday, January 20, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: challenging questioning about the troubled game of Switzerland

In mid-2019, the Cameroonian government received the offer of mediation from the Swiss government, to be conducted through the NGO of eponymous nationality, Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD).

An offer warmly welcomed by those who have for many years been wearing the coat of “Beggar for Peace”. Unfortunately, this partner quickly shone through ambiguous, if not hostile, actions which delegitimized him in the eyes of all the Cameroonian people. 

Fortunately, in his great clairvoyance, the Cameroonian Head of State quickly made up for this deficit by convening a Cameroonian-Cameroonian Dialogue, the happy repercussions of which are known. 

Instead of congratulating themselves, this NGO, which seems to have made the crisis in NoSo a business, considers all the peace efforts of the Cameroonian Government as a financial shortfall. The lives of Cameroonians, for the latter, are therefore only a Public Market opportunity, a livelihood, a contract! 

This is undoubtedly what explains the multiplication of underground, malicious approaches, like the informal meeting convened by this NGO in Addis Ababa on Thursday January 16, with Norwegian, Swiss and Dutch diplomats, at the Effect of presenting them with a macabre, sinister inventory, contrary to the reality on the ground, to get them to put pressure on the Peace and Security Council of the AU for militarized action in Cameroon.

This meeting also made it possible to remove the mask of several financiers of the armed rebels who kill, rape and pillage without qualms in NoSo. It could not be otherwise, because if these European diplomats and their ally of circumstance predict the resurgence of belligerence and violence in these areas, with subsequently a low rate of participation in the next elections, it does mean that they are the principals of all these shenanigans; unless you have a crystal ball? 

Cameroonians always have in mind the unfriendly and contemptuous behavior of Switzerland in the summer of 2019, and their displayed sympathy for the enemies of the Republic. The comfort provided in Ayaba Cho in Norway speaks volumes about this country's penchant for the destabilization of Cameroon. As for the Netherlands, it does not escape the attention of any international observer the resentment that this country has towards the Regime of Paul Biya, which has always stood up against its multiple pressures for the decriminalization of homosexuality and the legalization of the status of "sexual minorities", a showdown that resulted in the withdrawal by this country of its Embassy in Yaoundé a decade ago. 

No offense to these ominous birds, Cameroon is on its feet, and calmly advances towards the reconciliation of its children, by its children and for its children!