Friday, January 17, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: about 130 refugees had call for help

The scene leaves no one indifferent. There are approximately 130 people, mainly women, in a cramped home. Hosted by an individual, these people live in more than difficult conditions.

The existence of these refugees who came to Douala, in the economic capital, was demonstrated in a large report broadcast in the 8 pm newspaper of Equinoxe Television on January 15, 2020. They are in a home fitted out by an individual in the Makèpè district, in the district of Douala 5th. The latter confides: “I host more than 130 displaced people who sleep on the spot. I had to get out of the tenants so that some of them could sleep in other apartments ”. 

Joseph Mofor, the owner of the place and traditional chief says to have requested the assistance of the public authorities, without never obtaining an answer. “It's been a year since I sent their registration to the sub-prefect of Douala 5th, I also sent a letter to the Minister of Territorial Administration and the Presidency of the Republic. To date, none of these officials has signaled how the displaced live. Some were sick, others died, some are in hospital. Some people do their best to sell eggplant or peanuts; there are children who do not attend… Really it is difficult, ”he said.

“I have three children who do not go to school. Their father was killed in the bush, "complains a young woman," I have to sell children's toys in order to get food. There are days when I don't earn a single penny. We just want to eat, ”says another. 

All, shout their dismay hoping to be heard by the Cameroonian authorities.