Thursday, January 16, 2020

An Imam marries a wife he never know was a man until the bride was caught stealing and arrested

        The couple on their wedding day

A Ugandan imam has reportedly been suspended after getting to know that his new bride is a man.

The 27-year-old Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba discovered the truth after his wife was caught stealing a television set from a neighbour and she was held and search by the police.

According to report, the thief was search by a female police officer thinking he was a woman.

He confessed to marrying the Iman just to steal his money.

Imam said his Bride doesn't undress when it is bed time.

This could be that the Imam is secretly practicing a man and man in the other words...

How could a man not knowing his bride is not a woman after the first night of their wedding?

He practically enjoys it and never measured it..

   Bridee after he was caught and arrested