Sunday, January 26, 2020

Ambazonia: Vice-President Yérima calls for an end or bloody war between Separatist groups

South Cameroonians in the diaspora and Ground Zero remain skeptical despite call to Ambazonia armed groups to stop violence Dabney Yerima, Vice President of Ambazonia, issued his strongest call to end the struggles intestines between the restoration forces, claiming that only unity could lead to the dream of a state of Ambazonia.

Faced with unprecedented international pressure from reports released by the highly respected Human Rights Watch and almost total diplomatic isolation, Dabney Yerima said in a statement released in Geneva yesterday that Cameroonians in the southern diaspora should put pressure on the leaders of the various armed groups of Ground Zero follow the directives of the interim government. 

Dabney Yerima warned militant groups of the serious consequences if they continued their attacks on other restoration forces in southern Cameroon, which he said were used by the French-speaking Biya regime to defend a brutal and unjust war against the Ambazonians . 

"I appeal again to all the frontline leaders of southern Cameroon in Europe and the United States to completely stop all activities, in particular the attacks against our own people that we have condemned and still condemned Said Comrade Yerima. 

It is not the first time that Vice President Dabney Yerima has called for unity during this fight, but his recent call to Geneva has been most outspoken. It was published after clashes between groups in southern Cameroon had killed at least six fighters, one of the groups reportedly kidnapped nearly 40 fighters from another camp. Some of the so-called leaders have allegedly accused the infiltration clashes by the Cameroonian army. But the army says the clashes are an internal rivalry for power between groups in Ambazonia.

In the midst of internal strife, French-speaking soldiers now freely roam the territories of southern Cameroon, picking up wanted men, killing innocent women and children and burning houses. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the army killed more than 35 southern Cameroonians in raids. 

The southern Cameroonian think tank reacted skeptically to Vice President Dabney Yerima's call for unity, saying it wanted action, not words. Leaders of dysfunctional extremist groups responsible for the infighting and chaos at Ground Zero said the attacks would continue. 

Vice President Who Avoided Question About Cameroon Concord News In Geneva Believed All Restoration Forces Should Respond Only To Occupation Of French Cameroon, Humiliations And Murder Of Women And Children In Ambazonia . "No leader of Ambazonia should tolerate these massacres," he concluded.